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What Are Professional Development Skills? Professional development skills are tools and techniques that you acquire through your entire professional career. They encompass an array of skills relevant to leadership, influence on the field, public speaking, technical skills, teamwork, communicating, etc. Professional Development is an ongoing process and one that you should engage in at least annually for optimum performance.

Some Professional Development skills can be developed through informal activities you engage in at your workplace. These activities include having regular one-to-one meeting with your employees, regular newsletters, giving speeches, frequent short seminars, etc. Such activities help you in identifying and developing the skills your employees need to help perform their tasks competently. This will in turn have a positive impact on your workforce.

How do you go about developing and enhancing professional development skills in your employees? You can initiate the process by making an awareness of the fact that there are different kinds of skills in place in your organization. Some skills are general and some are specific. It is important to understand the kind of skill that is in need of improvement in your organization. If you have a need to upgrade some existing skills, you can start by seeking the views of senior managers, focusing on the key skill areas and putting in place measures to improve the skills.

The next step in the process is to write a skill enhancement job description that defines the new skills you would like to introduce into your workforce. This is also known as an executive summary to list professional development skills. The job description must focus on the new skill set or key competency identified. The skill enhancement job description must provide an example of how the new skills will benefit the person applying for the job vacancy.

A second effective way of listing your professional development skills is to use your human resources professional. You can get your HR professional to conduct a survey of your current workforce. The result of the survey should be a shortlist of areas where you need to improve or upgrade your skills. This list should be circulated to your current employers and current job seekers. Once the list of areas has been collated, you can use the information in the resume and other communication tools to promote your career objectives.

An interesting way to list your professional development skills is to encourage current career seekers to take a career assessment test. This will provide an objective and quantifiable look at what it takes to be successful in your chosen career area. There are many career assessment tests available online. The tests ask questions related to career planning, work performance, leadership skills and adaptability. Once you complete the assessment test, you should be able to see how your career objectives match up with your career development goals. The more knowledge you gain about yourself, the better equipped you will be to identify ways to get or move ahead in your current career.

One more method for listing your professional development skills involves career counseling. Your career counselor will develop a tailored career plan based on your specific needs. Career counselors can also help you understand your personal and career strengths and weaknesses, which will allow you to make better career choices in the future. They can also help you overcome obstacles to employment that might be holding you back from taking advantage of a number of career opportunities. With their help, you can become an entrepreneur ready for the entrepreneurial marketplace.

Finally, you can use your professional training or development training cards to promote a career fair or event. Many companies have a division dedicated to recruiting and hiring employees who have successfully completed training or development courses. These employees often will not have any experience working in your particular industry but may have skills that you lack. For a small fee, you can invite these professionals to an event where you can show them your weakness and earn a position with your competitors.


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