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How To Write A Professional Academic Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation, also called a letter of expertise, recommendation letter or just recommendation, is a written document where the author assesses the personal qualities, experiences, professional skills, abilities and successes of a person for whom the author has received recommendations. It is usually used to promote a person to a higher position in an organization, business, nonprofit organization, government sector, or other organization. In recent years, the use of this kind of letter has become more common and more useful.


This type of letter of recommendation is typically sent by the company or organization to the candidate upon receipt of an invitation, either in person, phone call or fax, which makes it a hard copy letter. The purpose of sending such letter is to inform the reader that the reader has been invited and to whom they are sending it. It may concern issues that are highly relevant to the candidate such as his educational background, work experience, awards and accomplishments. It may also concern issues that are highly sensitive such as previous instances of discrimination or harassment.


This is highly recommended especially if the candidate is being considered for a high profile position in a company, organization, industry, nonprofit organization, government sector or any other organization. The letters of recommendation are one of the most important parts of the job application and it should be written well. The academic letters normally have a strong impact on the hiring manager and he may concernially read the recommendation letter if it is written in a very detailed, professional and impressive manner. The letter of recommendation is one of the most powerful factors that will help the candidate get the job that they want.

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