Steps to Conduct Secondary Research for Your Paper In 2022
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Secondary research makes the foundation for any kind of academic writing you are doing, be it a primary research paper, essay, dissertation, or thesis. Secondary research is a type of research method where the data from the existing literature is utilized and combined as well as comparing this data to the primary source of information. It increases the overall effectiveness of your research and is cost-effective as compared to the primary research

However, conducting secondary research is a crucial step when doing any kind of academic writing. Therefore, you must know how secondary research is conducted. In order to conduct thorough secondary research, you require secondary sources from where you will extract the relevant data according to a particular topic. Hence you must be aware of what secondary sources are. Some students hire my essay writer to conduct secondary research for their papers.


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Secondary sources in research

A secondary source is a research source in which already analyzed information on the particular topic is presented. This information is then utilized to relate to the data or information found in the primary source in order to create a comprehensive analysis. Some types of secondary sources include

  •         Publications, journals, research articles, and papers
  •         News articles and documentaries
  •         Review papers
  •         Encyclopedia and books
  •         Google scholars where you can find sources online

Steps to Conducting secondary research for a research paper

The following steps should be followed by a paper or skilled writers in order to carry out a thorough and comprehensive secondary research

Determine your topic of research

If you are conducting primary research, you must have determined the related topic, otherwise conduct in-depth research, and determine the topic. Identifying the topic would help you further determine the research questions you need to answer in your research paper. This will help you identify your research domain based on which you will explore what information sources you will be using to get the required data.

Locate the research sources

This is one of the most important and technical parts of conducting secondary research. Things you should be considered while locating the sources are; Academic writing requires academic sources, hence non-academic sources should not be used; The source must be authentic and reliable. The following points should be considered while locating the sources


Follow these guidelines to finish your schoolwork in a timely manner. Then, if you are overworked and don't have time to do your homework on time, you can turn to a paper writing service for assistance with your academic projects.

  •         You should not use any information from Wikipedia, although it contains relevant information, it is not considered authentic
  •         Use google scholar which will provide you with various research papers and direct you to different sources as well
  •         Enter appropriate keywords to locate the most related sources. This is one of the most common mistakes that students encounter while researching for a secondary source. You can use the same keywords devised for your own primary research paper
  •         Use digital libraries or search engines, the access to which is provided by your universities or college
  •         Consult Books that are of authentic sources to extract particular information. You can find books easily through web sources like google books

Collate the existing data

         Once you get to know how to locate the sources related to your research it is time to extract the most relevant data from it to include in the paper. Start collecting the data from different sources to approve the reliability and authenticity of the information. One thing to keep in mind while doing all this stuff is to not forget to properly cite the information otherwise, this will be considered plagiarism. It is very important to give due credit to the original authors. In contrast, if you fail to do so you may face negative consequences of this act.

Compare the data

         Ok, now you have gathered much information related to the topic. Now you need to compare the data that is acquired from various sources as it will be in the form of various formats, in that way you would be able to regulate it into a consistent database

Data analysis

Have a look at your findings to see if you have efficiently and effectively given the answers to the research questions you devised during step one. if you really need to dig deeper for actionable insights, repeat all of the stages again. Most of the information acquired from secondary research is incorporated in the introduction, literature review, and discussion part of the research paper. However, students sometimes think of it as a laborious and difficult task. In such a case, you can take help from an essay writing service that would certainly help you with the task and charge you accordingly on how much is an essay.

With these steps followed you are good to conduct effective and efficient secondary research related to your topic; However, several guidelines could be followed that will add more value to your secondary research. These guidelines are mentioned below

  •         Make sure to make notes of each and every point you need to discuss in your research. research concepts or ideas expressed during the brainstorming process may contain the key to subsequent secondary research
  •         Make sure the data you extracted is from a credible source
  •         To check the credibility of a source, go through the references and appendix of the secondary source
  •         Whatever information you extract, make sure to critically analyze it and draw actionable results from it, otherwise just summarizing data would not be as valuable to the readers.

All of the aforementioned guidelines and steps are crucial for conducting the effective and thorough secondary research. However, if you are short of time and want assistance while doing research, No worries, you can always turn to some writing service and tell them I need someone to write my essay To write research paper for me.


Creating an Outline


You must now create an outline for your essay. An essay outline is a point-by-point representation of the essay from the introduction to the conclusion. Writing an outline prior to writing the essay will assist you in properly articulating the essay.


Furthermore, you won't have to pause and consider the next point after each paragraph. As a result, there are fewer opportunities for error.


Remember that each type of essay has explicit structure prerequisites. As a result, their outline structures vary as well. As a result, you should create your outline with the type of essay in mind.

 If you are still confused you can also consult a professional and reliable  "EssayHours"  writing service .

Writing the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion


The essay will be divided into three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay, and its primary function is to draw the reader in and provide a concise outline of the topic. A complete and significant thesis statement should also be included near the end of your introduction paragraph.


Following the introduction, you will write the body paragraphs. The structure of these paragraphs can be determined by the type of essay. In any case, make a point of writing a single point in each paragraph. Concentrate on the paragraphing.


Then you will conclude your essay with a conclusion paragraph. This paragraph should summarise the entire essay and have an impact on the reader without adding any new information.

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