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To make your voice heard, you will need more than just a point of view while writing an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which you strive to persuade readers to agree with your point of view and convince them to adopt a specific action. Unless your point is well-structured and supported by sound reasoning and facts, even the most forceful position will be unpersuasive.

However, you cannot write an argumentative essay on any random topic. To write an argumentative essay, the topic must be debatable. Once you choose a topic, as skilled writers, you give ideas from both sides but take a stance based on logical reasoning. Writing a clear thesis statement in the introduction is the most important part of an argumentative essay.

Are you thinking about how I will write my paper? Though it is a bit tricky, it is not hard to write. To start writing the essay, you must first make an outline. The outline helps to organize ideas and gives a proper structure to your essay. moreover, it ensures that nothing has been skipped. The best way to write an essay is to brainstorm ideas and then put them in order. If you are still confused you can also consult a reliable essay writing service.


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Wonderful Argumentative Essay Topics

  1.   Should abortion be criminalized?
  2.   Digitalization is a bane for students.
  3.   Has the pandemic questioned human progress?
  4.   Racial discrimination is a myth.
  5.   Is Climate Change a threat?
  6.   Globalization is widening income inequalities.
  7.   Media censorship is a threat to democracy.
  8.   Knowledge is acquired through experience.
  9.   Social media is corrupting the youth.
  10. Surveillance cameras are limiting freedom.

Here are the best topics to write essay.

Sample Argumentative Essay Outline

Has Globalization Affected the Mental Health of People?

Thesis:  Globalization is a boon for cultural, political, and economic integration globally but it has tremendously affected the mental health of people as it leads to depression, anxiety, loss of self-worth, and a lack of job satisfaction.

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  1.           Around the world, about 970 million people suffer from mental disorders due to various reasons.
  2.           Globalization – the process of integration of economies, people, and culture globally - has affected every nook and corner of our lives including mental health which has prolonged repercussions for society in general and an individual in particular.
  3.           Mental disorders refer to depression or anxiety_ depression can be characterized by grief, lacking interest or pleasure, low self-worth or guilty feelings, troubled sleep or appetite, and dearth of concentration while anxiety is a group of mental disorders categorized by feelings of fear and anxiety, including panic condition, obsessions, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. 
  4.           According to recent literature, the prevalence of mental disorders for people is associated with the process of globalization in the contemporary world.
  5.             On the other hand, few people argue that globalization has improved the mental health of individuals such as women, who are empowered and mainstreamed; however, feminist analysis depicts that women are the most depressed ones in the globalized world.




  1.           Globalization has augmented income inequalities which have led to low self-worth or feelings of guilt.
  2.   Due to economic integration, low-skilled jobs have shifted from wealthier countries to poorer countries causing a surge in inequality within countries while lowering the differences between them.
  3.   About one-third of studies related to the association of income inequality and a range of outcomes related to health in a review by the World Psychiatric Association discovered that there is a positive association between income inequality and the incidence or prevalence of mental health issues.
  4. Globalization has boosted competition which has increased depression among workers.
  5.   An increase in competition due to globalization has affected the mental health of workers as it induces job insecurities and a reduction in job satisfaction.
  6.   For instance, Colantone, suggest that increase in competitive pressure because of globalization has caused significant mental problems in the UK for exposed workers. They believe that trade competition (a consequence of globalization) has worsened mental distress by inflicting great job displacement, a reduction in job satisfaction, and depression due to heavier workload (Bhavsar et al.).
  7. Migration - an important aspect of globalization - often results in mental disorders.
  8.   Globalization encourages people to avail better life opportunities such as moving to rural areas to seek labor or employment, whereas, it results in mental disorders due to the inability to adapt to new environments or lack of social support.
  9.   Migration is most often a vulnerable element for developing Mental Health problems, according to research studies. The discomfort of people who migrated would change into mental health repercussions or other types of health difficulties as a result of their insecure sentiments and lack of availability of their community members.
  10. Supporters of globalization argue that it has alleviated poverty and thus enhanced mental health.
  11.   They argue that globalization has led to free trade that helps in global economic growth by generating employment opportunities, making firms more competitive, and reducing costs for clients. 
  12.   However, according to economist Robert Scott of the Economic Policy Institute, the United States' 3.2 million jobs have been drained away by granting China's most favored nation status, including millions of manufacturing jobs. As a result, it has left millions of people in the US jobless and unemployed who are suffering from mental disorders now (Bhavsar and Bhugra).



  1.           In a nutshell, globalization has benefited people less and affected them adversely more with tremendous impacts on the mental health of people.
  2.           The facts and figures found by various researchers prove that globalization has vehemently impacted people’s mental health.
  3.           Mental health is not just the absence of mental disorder, but it is an integral part of the health of a person that is affected by a range of socio-economic, biological, and environmental aspects, such as globalization.


Tip: it is better to show your outline to someone for proofreading before writing the essay. You may ask any friend to proofread it for you or a "write an essay for me" writing service. This will be helpful to spot the mistakes and remove irrelevant content. Apart from that, you can get good marks in essay writing.  


Following are some of the tips for writing an amazing top quality argumentative essay:

Here I am, willing to share those tips with you. These tips are used by "write essay for me" services that you must have come across online. What I mean to say is that professionals use these tricks.


Once the writer is assigned a topic, they should research it thoroughly and observe every relevant article with a keen eye. This will help them in seeing all the relevant sides of the given topic.

During the research, it is highly important to note down all the important and relevant points on a rough sheet to build up a perception of the stance. This will allow the writer to choose their stance and help them in the formulation of the thesis statement.


A good thesis statement will include all the important issues relevant to the topic as this would allow the writer to discuss them thoroughly in the upcoming body paragraphs. A good thesis statement is complex and involves good research about the given topic to sound reasonable.


Once a thesis statement is formed, the writer engages with the audience in the form of body paragraphs. Each body paragraph has a topic sentence followed by a premise. To strengthen the stance of the topic sentence, skilled writers should include two to three pieces of evidence. Remember that the larger the number of premises and evidence, the stronger the argument will be.


To devise strong content, writers have to see through all sides of the given topic which is often time taking. Therefore, they are encouraged to apply good research skills that include skimming the introduction, research, and conclusion portion of the study. This would help them in devising a good thesis statement that favors their stance and later on helps them in disproving their opponents since they will have enough material from a good amount of research.


During writing an argumentative essay, one needs to know the limitations of their argument so that they don’t come off as biased. It is important to accept the shortcomings of your viewpoint as this enables the opponents to respect your stance even if they don’t agree with it.  


If you are still confused you can also consult an expert essay writer service which will help you at reasonable prices.









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