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Students of college and high school encounter a classification essay very often as assignments in their curriculum. Teachers and instructors use classification essays to check the student's skills in generalization and categorization. 

What is a classification essay?

Classification essays are a little different from other types of essays. In a classification essay, the student has to organize the data into different groups and then provide examples of each so that it is easier for the reader to understand. The classification of the data is either done according to the instructions laid down by the instructor or the writer decides how they will divide the data into different groups. The main thing is to provide the reasoning for each of the groups made by the essay writer and also support those reasons with evidence. Providing evidence for the reasoning shows that the writer has a thorough idea of the topic and has done ample research on writing assignments.


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Format of a classification essay

The format of a classification essay is not different from other essays that you write. It also has three main sections that include Introduction, body paragraphs, and then the conclusion. The key components that should be included in each of the sections are discussed below:


Like all other essays, the starting point of a classification essay is the introduction. In the introduction, you will have to clearly identify the subject and how you did the categorization of the data. The writer also has to define the purpose of writing the essay and at the end of this section, they have to include a strong and detailed thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs  

Ideally in a classification essay, there are three paragraphs included but every writer can add extra paragraphs according to their requirements. Each of the paragraphs should be addressing a different category. The reason for including the information in a certain category should also be mentioned in each of the paragraphs. The criteria of categorization should be explained and it is better to mention the strength and weaknesses of each of the categories. If you are still confused you can also consult a professional MyPerfectWords service writer online.


In this part of the essay, the writer will put together all the various categories discussed in the classification essay. It is ideal to briefly explain each of the categories and then give your opinion regarding the topic and the main argument of the essay.

Key components of classification essay?

Choose an appropriate topic

The first and the most important component of the classification essays is to choose an appropriate topic that suits the writer and they are comfortable writing on the topic selected. If the choice of the topic is in the hands of the author they should select such a topic that has all the information available that is required to write a classification essay. Some students find topic choosing to be a tough stage and seek assistance from a writing company.

Make a detailed outline before starting your final draft

The most important step before writing a classification essay is to make a good and detailed outline so that all your information is gathered in one place. In a classification essay the writer has to divide the data into different categories and an outline plays an important part in placing the right information in the right category. The outline enables the writer to structure their essay properly.

Choosing the categories

The thing which differentiates a classification essay is the division of information into different categories. Once an appropriate topic is selected the writer should then think about the categories in which the information could be divided. If the writer finds it difficult to split the data into different groups they should try to change the topic and choose one which could easily be divided into different groups or categories.

Commonly, people tell others to write my essay for me when it comes to classification essays as they are much harder to write compared to other forms of essays.


Classification of the topic and examples

There are 3 major types of classifications so you must choose one based on the topic at hand.

  1. Based on characteristics: You have to divide the different objects by similar characteristics e.g., the best novelist of 2020 can be classified based on the genre of the novels.
  2. Based on time: You have to describe an event in chronological order e.g., classifying major world war 2 events in order.
  3. Based on intensity: You have to divide your topic into at least 3 categories: low, intermediate, and high e.g., nutritious food to give to your cat.

How to start

In college, you will likely be given a topic to write a classification-based essay on. Carry out brief research on all the topics and select the one that has the most information and start by making an outline. This may prove to be a tedious job so it is recommended that you hire an essay writing service. You can give them any topic and a deadline to complete it.

Outline Structure

  1. The cover page and introduction:

The first thing to do is properly read the provided instructions and search for the formatting style (go with MLA if nothing is given). In the introduction, describe the topic at hand and briefly explain any background information. You must use words to hook the reader and keep them interested. At the end of your introduction, write one statement that will summarize your whole paper. This thesis statement must tell the reader the kind of classification that you are going to use.

  1. Body paragraphs:

This is the crux of your paper so you must discuss the different types of classifications in these sets of paragraphs. Make sure to only discuss one subtopic in one body paragraph. To give your paper credibility, cite scholarly sources in the mentioned format. For chronological classification, the first paragraph will discuss the first event while intensity-based could discuss the most or the least intense subtopic. Try to give as many valid examples as you can to clear any ambiguities in the reader’s mind. 

  1. Conclusion and list of references:

Conclude your paper by discussing the topic briefly. Re-word the thesis statement and discuss the method of classification. You must not add any new subtopic in the conclusion. In the end, on a separate page, list all your sources in the given format. 

A classification essay is the easiest to write. Collecting information can be time-consuming. Make sure you follow all of the provided rules to get the best possible score. If you do not want to put in the required effort, hire an online essay writing service, and tell them to write my essays for me. From the data you provide, they will give you an original and well-written essay that you can then submit.


Once you know the outline structure, writing an essay can be easy. It is recommended that you make a rough outline before you start your final draft. Carry out research and write everything down. Make sure you check for errors at the end, or you can hire online writers to check these mistakes.

If you need help with essay writing, then contact an expert "write essay for me" writing service for help if you can write your essay on your own.


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