A Compare and Contrast Essay on “Dogs versus Cats" – Tips & Sample 2022
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Comparing two topics or points is easy when a proper format is followed. This format is preferred by professional writers. Making use of a well-formatted essay is better when two topics, points, or arguments are compared. This is because then the topics are compared appropriately and the difference is understandable. The essay through which these points are compared is known as compare and contrast essay. This time of essay is often preferred when the topics need to be compared based on a specific argument and point. Based on the comparison the writer then agrees with one point and prefers it over the other. 


To write an interesting compare and contrast essay the writer needs to have sufficient information on the topics. Moreover, the writer should also be aware of the basic and essential writing skills. This would assist him in writing an interesting essay. An essay writer online should be able to decide which points are mandatory which points can be neglected while comparing. Through this, the compare and contrast essay will be easily understandable. 


Compare and contrast essays are easy if the writer has little experience in writing. If a writer is good at doing research then it is for him to write a well-documented compare and contrast essay. However, if a person does not have enough experience in writing then he can easily hire a writer. Finding a good writer for comparing and contrasting essays is easy. This is because if the topic is clear then the compare and contrast essay can be easily written. 



To seek help from others one can simply search online. There are numerous online services available that have different levels of talented writers able to write essays for all levels. One should look for their services and the field of writers available before appointing a writer. To make sure whether the online essay writing service selected is the right one, one can check their samples and analyze whether the quality of their work is good and acceptable. 


Sample of compare and contrast essay

The best way to keep yourself occupied is to keep a pet. Animals are friendly and also supportive. They provide good company to their owners and resultantly people suffering from any issue, Pets are best for people suffering from any mental issue. The two most common animals kept as pets are dogs and cats. Most of these animals have their capabilities and provide benefits to their owners. To compare and contrast dogs and cats it is important to attain data based on their behavior, their actions, their preference, and their impact on society. The objective of this document is to compare and contrast dogs and cats and specify their similarities and differences.


Dogs like to communicate whereas cats can live alone independently. Dogs do not enjoy being alone or ignored. They prefer being with their owner or communicating with someone. Whereas cats can live alone without any interaction or communication. This is because dogs have better communication skills whereas cats are more playful. Based on which their actions and choices are different. Both cats and dogs are extremely supportive and also corporative due to which they both are preferred as pets. 


Dogs are most commonly preferred by males whereas cats are preferred by females. This is because the way they interact is suitable for different genders differently. Although there are numerous females who prefer dogs over cats, the majority of them want a cat as a pet. Both these animals are loved. They like to play and also love to eat. They chase their prey themselves and then eat them. Both these animals are active and like to play around. Based on their actions and behaviors both these animals are different and also similar. Depending upon the choice of the owner a cat or dog is kept as a pet. 


Both cats and dogs are friendly. These animals are widely kept as pets. This is because they assist people in overcoming different mental issues. Moreover, they are good at providing emotional assistance to their owners. Dogs and cats are widely recommended by doctors especially for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. Both cats and dogs are super friendly and can easily adjust to any environment. They are from a family of domestic animals due to which they are easy to manage and also maintain.  


If I wish to write essay for me based on a comparison of two topics I would follow the strategies of compare and contrast essay. This is because through this I would be able to easily cover all the main points required while comparing. Moreover, through this, the reader would also be able to easily distinguish the differences. Compare and contrast essay is written when two objects are being compared. Based on the comparison the writer then illustrates the final analysis. 


Based on the above-mentioned analysis it can be demonstrated that both cats and dogs are preferred as pets due to their friendly nature. Cats and dogs are similar in some areas and are also different in some. Both of them are playful and also love to eat or interact with different people. A cat can be kept alone whereas a dog likes to communicate with someone or be indulged in any activity. Both cats and dogs are domestic animals and can be easily kept in the house. They are easy to manage and maintain. They are most commonly kept as pets and are best for people suffering from any mental illness. 



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