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Open Plan Workspaces is perfect for many different types of businesses. They provide a flexible way to work that meets the needs of your business. Many companies who are new or small operate from a traditional office layout with a cubicle, desk, and chair. Open Plan Workspaces is designed for a more productive and successful work environment.

An open plan workspace consists of an open floor plan arrangement with multiple desks, and/or sections. Typically, this means that all departments and separate workplaces are eliminated from the main office area so each employee working in the on-the-job daily operations of a business can sit at the same spot in the room. This enables each employee to be more productive since they are able to see and be connected with everyone else in the office. This also makes it easier for communication between team members.

Workers in Open Plan Workspaces have the opportunity to be more mobile and take their job anywhere in the building, and not just in their office space. Some companies have workers whose sole duty is to work out the warehouse or store with equipment, supplies, and other jobs in mind. Other companies have workers that are responsible for customer service calls, stocking shelves, and other tasks that are required throughout the entire day. In both cases, being mobile is a key factor in worker productivity and thus in the company's bottom line.

Open Plan Workspaces offers both individual and group benefits, which are especially important for companies that have individuals that do various jobs. Group communication is easy and effective in Open Plan Workspaces since multiple users can be located in close proximity to one another yet still collaborate as a group. Communication within individual teams can also be shared through forums and email lists. This way, even those whose desks are far apart can be reached at any time by a single employee through group communications or through group activities.

The most common complaint that most people have about open-plan environments is that they have a tendency to isolate individuals from the rest of the world. Open plan spaces can be isolating because employees are forced to look around, take in their environment, and try to fit themselves into the rest of the "group." When people are forced to look at themselves and question whether or not they fit into the "group," this can result in a host of negative aspects for all involved. Such negative aspects include a feeling of self-consciousness, a fear of being left out, and a fear of being judged.

Open Plan Workspaces offers an escape from this kind of isolation. In order to create them, you don't necessarily need to break out the walls. A simple solution is to use a color scheme that is open-themed. For example, if you work in healthcare, your office might incorporate green and white colors. If you work in retail, you could use black and white workspaces or a variety of bright colors, such as orange, yellow, and red.

Open Plan Workspaces provides an unparalleled opportunity for group communication and interaction. However, there is a downside to most open spaces. Those spaces are not well-suited to facilitate group work. The lack of walls and closed offices can make it difficult for group members to understand one another. This problem can even grow worse if some of the workers are only present because they are permitted to be there by their company or the state. Group communication becomes significantly more difficult.

Open Plan Workspaces provides an easy way to open up communication lines, while maintaining the integrity of the space. It is possible to do this by using color and interior design to create visual cues that communicate openness and a collaborative spirit. This creates an environment in which people are naturally drawn to be a part of and participate in. Group work is made much easier with this simple, yet innovative concept.



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