Why Register an Account?

  When you register an account with LinqTo.me you will have access to even more functionality allowing you to manage your shortened links. Here is a list of the extra functionality you get:
Create a Personal Page

  LinqTo.me allows you to create a personal profile page with a simple URL (like http://linqto.me/about/you ) which then you can use in your signature. Think of it as an e-card presentation for yourself which you can share with anyone online and where you can link to your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts in one place. All the bookmarks and notes you share publicly will also be available from this page.
Have a centralized repository for bookmarks and Post-its

  If you use several machines, at work, at home and on the go, then this is for you. LinqTo.me offers you a place where you can keep all your bookmarks and allows you to access them from anywhere. Notes (or Post-its) work in the same way – they allow you to quickly jot down important information and then access it later from any other Internet linked device.

Tagging your notes and post-it helps you find them faster as well. Much like the search feature on the public site, you will be able to search through bookmarks and notes that you have created, be they publicly accessible or private.
Custom URLs for bookmarks and Notes

  Another advantage is the ability to create custom URLs for the bookmarks and Notes that you save to your LinqTo.me account. Hence you can register urls like http://linqto.me/MyBookmark or http://linqto.me/n/MyNote – and in this way you can quickly access a bookmark or note that you have created by just typing its address in the browser.
Keep your bookmarks and notes sorted with folders

  Create folders with colorful icons. In folders you will be able to store as many bookmarks or notes as you wish. Keeping track of the bookmarks and notes you have with your account becomes simple and easy. Folders also work with keywords or tags, so you can quickly search for keywords that you have placed on a specific folder and then browse its content.
Followers and Followed Users

  Once you have an account you have the ability to follow other people that have signed-up with LinqTo.me and view the bookmarks and notes that they have chosen to publicly share with others. This allows you to discover the web by looking at what people who have the same interest as you are browsing and sharing.

Moreover, should you find a bookmark or note that someone else has shared to be of particular interest, you can add it to your favorites list. That way you are certain to be able to quickly find it again. You can also tag the bookmark or note with your own keywords, so you can also search for it afterwards.
Use the bookmarking tools

  LinqTo.me provides an accelerator for Internet Explorer and a Bookmarket tool – these allow you to quickly add pages you browse to your LinqTo.me account without leaving the page you are on. Just install one of the tools and start sharing the web with your friends.

More functionality will is on its way, so go ahead, sign up and get an account. It’s free and easy to use.

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