Intense battle of Shark NV352 and Shark NV360
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In today's review, we will put two significant warriors into the century's upright vacuums fight, which will promise not to disappoint you, customers. Both of these fighters come from the same brand—the brand has brought so many strong candidates to the vacuum market – SharkNijia. Shark vacuum is best known for its portability and convenience, which are the two stand-out elements of today's fighters. We bring to the battle the Shark vacuum nv352 versus Shark NV360. At just a first glance, you might think that our fighters have so many things in common. How can they fight together then? However, in this battle, we will get the showdown for every detail that makes these two different. We will dive down to all the aspects before choosing the best winner that will be the perfect choice for your shopping cart. Now, let the battle begin!


As we mentioned that these two models are remarkably similar, yet, there are some significant differences when we start to analyze carefully.

One of the most signature abilities of Shark NV352 is the deep carpet cleaning; with this one, you can throw those carpeted stairs behind your head. Like another shark vacuum, Shark NV352 also has a swivel steering option that is the best fit for any house with too much furniture around. Besides the amazing advantages of cleaning, this vacuum has a slight problem with its design. Shark NV352 is a bit heavy on the top, making it easy to tip over when you use it.

How about our other fighter? Shark model nv360 will impress you with its mighty suction power that works well on different floor types. This model's versatility is also one of the significant advantages—most of the customer's Shark NV360 review  mention how it is easy to maneuver. We can remove its canister without a hitch, pop it out and insert it back in like it is the easiest game ever. The shark nv360 vacuum is designed with the HEPA filter and the anti-allergen complete seal technology, which makes this vacuum the best friend of allergy sufferers. The only thing we wish this blue shark vacuum can be better is its power cord. The short power cord might give you a little hard time reaching far corners in the room. However, if you use the vacuum in a not-so-big area, this one is a strong candidate so far.

So, the NV360 has taken the first move.


The most significant difference between these two comes from the attachments coming along in the package. Let’s see what is inside the box. 

The NV352's attachments: brush tool, 5-inched crevice tool, power brush

For this list of Shark NV352's accessories, the two brush tools are beneficial and can handle most of our cleaning tasks. We can use the first brush tool to pick up the debris on stairs and furniture, which usually are can't be cleaned by the original hose. And the power brush is for the pet owners who need to pick up hair on the furniture or even the fabric surface. Since this power brush has its roller, the sucking process is a lot easier with it.

The NV360's attachments: pet power brush, 5.5-inch crevice tool, dust brush, extendable wand.

Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is equipped with the same power brush as the NV352 model to let the user clean up the pet hair more efficiently. The crevice attachment enables you to get deep into your hardwood floors. Moreover, it's the perfect choice to get between your couch cushions. And it won't leave any dust under your bed behind with the extendable wand. Less bedding work for you. Hurray!

Verdict: Shark nv360

Both models have pros and cons; however, the shark vacuums impress all of us with their portable cleaning experience and the diversity of their attachments. But in the end, the Shark NV360 is a bit better to be seen in an overall aspect. We hope that this better knowing about our two candidates.

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