Persuasive Speech Topics to Ace That College Competition In 2022
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A persuasive speech is given for the purpose to inform, educate, inspire, and motivating the audience to take on a certain task. The key aim of a persuasive speech is to push your audience into witnessing the valid reasons or points behind your views and opinion.

In a persuasive speech, all points should be about the specific subject or topic. Hence, always consider this point while writing a persuasive speech. You can ask someone for help  I need someone to write my essay by simply providing the initial instructions. However, you must inform your writer about your opinion and points whenever you hire a writer to get your persuasive speech written.

You got an idea about the philosophy behind writing a persuasive speech that will ace the competition. But still worried because you do not have a list of some credible, interesting, and appealing topics to ensure that the award will be yours.


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Here I am, willing to share those topics with you. These topics are used by "" services that you must have come across online. What I mean to say is that professionals use these topics.

So, pay attention.

Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Teachers should pass tests every decade in order to renew their certifications
  • Students aged below 18 years should not be dropped out due to poor academic performance
  • High school fees should be made customized based on the demographic background of students
  • Only students with better academic performance should be allowed to participate in college sports
  • The dark side of co-education in the developing countries
  • High schools should stop students from carrying smartphones to classrooms
  • Art and music should be made an integral part of today’s education
  • Students should not be forced to become college athletes
  • Teaching religion in elementary schools is always a great approach
  • Students should not be forced to participate in college competition
  • Students should be developed in a way to make them competitive in every aspect of life
  • Taking notes during the lecture should be made mandatory
  • Students must reduce the time they spend on social media otherwise the future is dark
  • Decreasing college fees should be considered instead of looking at the student loan crisis
  • The significance of social media for marketers of the 21st century
  • Marketing and advertising should be kept at top of corporate strategies
  • Social media is the most cost-effective promotional platform


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  • The growth and success of a nation lies in economic development
  • Political stability is the main factor that can make an economy stabilized
  • Developed nations should support developing countries or nations
  • Businesses should adopt CSR without considering associated costs
  • Individuals can play a huge role in mitigating global warming
  • Global warming is not the sole cause of climate change
  • Avoiding smoking can further environmental stability
  • Strict laws and regulations concerning environmental consciousness should be passed
  • The population is a major factor when it comes to “what hurts human life”
  • The government should proceed to interfere in the advertisement of fast-food products
  •  The war on drugs was a clear failure
  • The military budgets should be reduced up to a high extent

You may have come across a ton of persuasive speech topics but have not gotten the one (topic) that you think will lead you to ace the competition. However, you got your topic from the list! Congrats!

Though, you are still worried because you are thinking that you are not an expert essay writer and may not be able to write your speech as perfectly as needed.

Do not worry, you can hire a professional paper writing service provider who will write/compose a masterpiece for you. You only tell them about your topic and they will deal with your worry.

 In the past few weeks, I was running short of money so I asked my sister to write an essay for me. As expected, she refused but she referred me to a short and handy guide that was based on persuasive essay writing techniques. I thought of it as an excuse by her but when I read it once, I came to know some major and simple ideas that can help with essay writing and helps to write an informative persuasive essay


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On the basis of the guide, I am sharing some important and updated Persuasive Speech Topics that can help

you with speech writing. These speech topics are not only trendy but I think these are a few of the topics that can help you get good marks along with helping you with updated knowledge about political issues. I am sure these topics will help you a lot.


Some More Persuasive Speech Topics

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  • Are politics and religion connected?
  • How all electoral systems in the world are connected
  • Malcolm X is an influential political leader of all time
  • Democracy is a curse
  • Power and morality; are two  sides of the same coin
  • Terrorism is no less than a political instrument
  • Totalitarianism is far better than democracy
  • How is the Trump Administration in deep fall?
  • The US government is safe now, i.e. in 2021
  • The political systems in the world are distressing
  • Man is chained in politics
  • Covid-19 is a political instrument now
  • The political parties in the world are puppets
  • The economy is more like climate
  • Politics needs political insight rather than a power struggle
  • World politics has become a game of chess
  • How economy defines political stability
  • Is economic stability enough to ensure stable political conduction?
  • How political parties are crumbing humanity
  • The relationship between humanity and politics is inverse?
  • Is politics a bad game?
  • How Covid-19 has reformed/impacted the political affairs of the world
  • Politics is a social responsibility

All these topics are concrete examples that can help you write about political issues. You can substitute the topics with some trendy topics that are current with the ones that I have written as it will help you come up with better topics.


If you are still confused you can also consult professional writing assistance.


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