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Are you searching for a platform that may assist you improve your ability and confidence to use money information? Welcome to Hb Publications and coaching International! We're here to assist you polish your financial data knowledge in order that you'll create better-informed selections notwithstanding you're not aware of numbers.

Our Finance for Non Financial Managers course is meant primarily for mid-to-senior level managers with no financial training. we provide courses that are quite effective, cheap so that you can simply improve your knowledge of accounting and cash management.

HB' Accounting online Assessment program consists of many modules. every module contains minutes of pre-work, 2 live labs, and around an hour of self-paced learning weekly. on-line assessments assist you perceive key finance & develop a way of monetary reports.

With Hb Publications and coaching International, you'll learn the art of managing sources of business funds, bankrolling operations, strategic assets, and so forth we have a tendency to even embody courses for activity financial performance & financial coming up with and budgeting.

Accounting on-line Assessment & financial take a look at analyses a candidate' ability to measure, process, and communicate the financial data of a profession or institution. you'll utilize this assessment as an accounting test for pre-employment screening whereas applying for a spread of roles. appreciate workers accountant, money accountant, and management accountant.

HB Publications and coaching International organize on-line money ability Assessments wherever the candidates need to answer MCQs and calculation queries within the matter of principles and core subjects among the accounting and finance disciplines.

All our online accounting assessments is undertaken 24*7 in step with the users' requirements. Our organization offers an on the spot score and feedback report on the completion of the test. Moreover, the assessments cowl a massive scope of subjects such as Budget Setting Skills, Procurement, Budget observance and Control, Fraud Awareness, and so forth

Business Name: HB Publications and Training International

Country: United Kingdom

Address: 67 Wingate Square, London SW4 0AF

Email: info@hbpublications.com

Contact No: +442087691585

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