What is new in ASP.net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 - Video Tutorial Series
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This twelve video tutorial series looks at new features and coding patterns that can be used with the ASP.net 4.5 release, Visual Studio and Web-Forms.

Chapter 1: Visual Studio 2012 and Template
Shows off some of the new features in Visual Studio 2012 as well as the default project template that comes with the IDE when creating a new Web Forms site.


Chapter 2: Site Site-up (Authentication and Authorization)
Starts off by creating the website, explaining how to setup authentication via Forms Based Auth and then Authorization rules based on group membership for users, all using a SQL 2008 database.


Chapter 3: Creating the Model
Creates the model classes using Entity Framework Code First - to represent the entities that the website will be using to interact with the repository.


Chapter 4: Strongly Typed Data Binding
Using the model classes built with Entity Framework, this chapter shows how to use strongly typed data binding (instead of binding through data-sources) with FormView and GridView controls.


Chapter 5: Enhancements in Strongly Typed Data Binding
Looks into how types are enforced by the compiler even in the markup when doing data binding and when using the new binding expressions Item and BindItem.


Chapter 6: Implementing CRUD with Strongly Typed Data Binding
Shows how to implement the methods to insert / update and delete entities in the code behind and how to link them to FormView control to allow for the implementation of CRUD.


Chapter 7: Using Routing
Brings in System.Web.Routing to allow easier management of the format of all website URLs, and shows how the logical structure of the site can be defined independently from page names.


Chapter 8: Dynamic Data
Replaces the earlier CRUD markup in the GridView and FormView controls with Dynamic Data templates, and shows how the look and feel of these templates is controlled by annottating the model classes.


Chapter 9: Unobtrusive Java Script Validation
Shows off improvements to validation controls which now use JQuery to perform validation. Also addresses error handling in the CRUD methods in the code behind.


Chapter 10: Sorting and CSS Enhancements
Looks at a couple of CSS enhancements to the default project template when doing sorting, and also discusses how sorting works in the GridView Control.


Chapter 11: Implementing the Repository Pattern
Starts by implementing the interfaces needed to move the DAL code from the code behind to dedicated classes, and implements the selection methods needed for the Repository Pattern in WebForms.


Chapter 12: Implementing CRUD with the Repository Pattern
Continues with the implementation of the Repository Pattern, showing how to move the insert / update and delete into the dedicated repository classes and how to do unit testing on these methods.

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