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Outside The Box Support, better known as OTB Support is a disability mentoring service provider. We are based in South Australia where we pride ourselves on putting our clients first rather than making a profit. OTB Support is committed to providing top-quality mentoring to our clients with affordable pricing. We started with a simple reason: there is a genuine need in the industry where people with disabilities can be mentored to strive for more outstanding success. We form friendships with our clients so that they know we are as invested in their future as they are. We offer an array of services ranging from individual mentoring to virtual mentoring to therapy assistance, from group activities to planning & goal Setting and transport support. With our mentoring program, we can support you with anything from doing homework to going to the shops. We are also qualified to provide therapy assistance if the clients may need that. We also encourage and try to match our clients with similar interests in group activities to improve their inclusion and social skills. Our planning & setting goals program helps our clients by creating short, medium and long-term achievable goals so that they can strive in the future. We also provide a transport service that is designed to provide comfort and safety with high safety ratings along with full insurance to keep your peace of mind.

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