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The purpose of a vacation in Indonesia is 1 time use up

Vacationing is one of the most efficient tricks for getting rid of depression because of regular work and making you bored. No need to travel abroad or eat money at expensive shopping centers, because Indonesia also has many interesting places waiting to be explored quickly.

Java Trip Starting from sea tourism and beaches, mountains, lakes, jungles, and many others, all of them can be lightly found in the Equatorial Emerald Land. At present, from Sabang to Merauke, there is a list of tourist objects that are suitable for family and family vacation purposes, including:

Please start colonizing from Indonesia's most western guide, Sabang. In this place there are many interesting tourist objects that you must visit, one of which is Sumurtiga Beach, which is located in Sabang City, Aceh Province.

This white sand beach has a long coastline with light blue sea water, complete with coconut trees that spread along the coastline. It is not surprising that many people say Sumurtiga Beach is Hawaii in Sabang. Not only skating and enjoying the beauty of the underwater by having fun snorkeling, you can also spend the night in the many available huts at more or less beaches. It's so fun, right?

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