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Travelnista - Don't admit to true adventurers if you visit Yogyakarta just stop by Malioboro or Parangtritis Beach. In fact, Yogyakarta already has dozens of new tourist attractions that are hits, current, and Instragramable to visit. Even if you don't get confused or not updated, IDN Times has summarized tourist attractions in Yogyakarta to reference your next vacation, starting from the north to the south. Guaranteed not to go home, deh!

Travelnista - If you have ever seen your friend's post take a photo with the dashing background of Mount Merapi right behind him, it must be in the Kaliurang area. Precisely at Kaliadem Bungker. In addition to learning a lot about the history of the eruption of Mount Merapi, you can also find innerpeace, because the weather is cool, quiet, and can really make you feel tired. If you can take photos like the one above, congratulations, your adventure level has just gone up one level!

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