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Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal skills are the ways and behaviors that an individual uses to relate effectively with other people. In the business world the term often refers to an individual's ability to function well with others on a personal level. In the personal sphere it ...

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Creative Writing
Creative Writing is any creative writing which goes beyond the boundaries of standard professional, scholarly, medical, scientific, or other specialist forms of writing, typically defined by an emphasis on character development, story development, and the ...

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Feedback And Criticism Training
Feedback and Criticism are a powerful motivator for many people who are employed in a positive working environment. Whether you have been on the receiving end of this feedback or you have been the one giving it, you can benefit from feedback and Criticism Training ...

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Credit Approval Application Writing
Have you ever written a credit approval application? If you have, you probably wrote it in frustration. The process of getting approved for financing can be long and arduous. There are many steps involved, from filling out application forms to waiting for them to get ...

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Terminating Employees
As an employer, you will need to consider the idea of terminating employees. It is a part of business and if you do not have rules governing this, then you need to think about it seriously. You might have heard of a notice of termination or an employment termination. ...

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Telemarketing Training
Telemarketing training represents the reality of the various sorts of calls that you receive for your client base. Training will include telemarketing techniques that are designed to increase sales. Telemarketing can include everything from cold calling to list ...

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Meeting Management Training
As a professional speaker and workshop leader, I often share with people the benefits of meeting management training. You may be wondering what I am referring to. Well, if you do not know anyone who has taken this course or is thinking about it, let me explain. I have ...

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Relationship Building Training
For the sales person, relationship building training is a necessity. Salespeople have a much greater need to develop these skills because they deal with people every day. There are two areas of particular focus in relationship building training. One area focuses ...

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Effective Communication Skills
This intensive course focuses on Developing Effective Communication Skills and is a specially developed Intermediate Level Training Course. Any organisation looking to Position themselves strategically within the global marketplace will be aware of the need to hone ...

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Customer Service
Customer service is the way you do business. It is the way you make a living. Without good customer service your business is as good as non-existent. Customer service can be broken into many components, but if you want to be a truly great customer service manager, you ...

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